Easy Glass® MOD 0749

Install almost anywhere

If you could position the standoffs almost anywhere, where would you place them? With the Easy Glass MOD 0749 glass adapter, this is not just an academic question.

This extraordinary solution gives you the freedom to position the standoffs almost anywhere you want them. Place them out of the sight line for greater transparency, or arrange them in view as a design element.

Easy Glass® MOD 0749

Extraordinary solution

Easy Glass MOD 0749, the first adjustable standoff for glass railings, is Q-railing’s solution for what has historically been a vexing problem. Walls and other surfaces are rarely perfectly straight.

The MOD 0749 easily straightens glass panels on site, with absolutely no on-site welding required. Featuring a 2-way-fix connection, the base also has space for a mechanical anchor system.

Cad Drawings

To help you see the different mounting possibilities of the Easy Glass MOD 0749 glass adapter, Q-railing offers downloadable CAD drawings in various formats.

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